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Network | System Services

Services Summary

The networking consultants at The Company have 3+ years of experience installing and troubleshooting Novell and Microsoft networks. In addition to a solid background in hardware and software installations, they have expertise in one or more of the following areas: Microsoft Exchange Server, Cisco routers, firewall and security setup, enterprise antivirus solutions, and much more.

Key Services

  • Migrations to Windows 2012, 2008, and all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • SQL Server Maintenance and Installation
  • Transfer Data from Old Systems to New Systems
  • Local, Wide-area & Virtual Private Networks
  • Windows 2008, 2003, 2000, XP, 7, and Vista
  • Specializing in Windows and Mac Systems
  • Installation Upgrades, & Expert Troubleshooting
  • MCSE's & CNE's On Staff
  • Complete Internet & E-mail Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning
  • Complete Wiring Solutions
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Client/Server Optimization
  • T1/Frame Relay/DSL/ISDN
  • Custom Maintenance Contracts
  • Prompt Emergency Service

Financing Options

The Company offers attractive financing terms with several leasing companies so that you can be flexible with your purchasing decision. Minimum finance value is $10,000 and finance rates begin at a low rate of 9% per annum. If you are interested in financing your purchase, one of our financing partners will contact you for application and additional information.